March 22, 2014 - April 23, 2014
Karlos Gil, Martin Llavaneras, Javier Fresneda, Xavier Ristol, Raúl Artiles, Moneiba Lemes, Mirak Jamal.

Ruins and stones, relics and artifacts found as proof of the past trigger a whole operation of fiction. Making sense of clues scattered and filling in the gaps is an act of narration. Archaeology ventures on the possibilities of a concealed original sense and function of things, a use and a place amongst other things in a different time, in the very same place.
Retrospective value is given and objects revealed become tokens. They are unique, fetishised and made symbolic. It is a gesture of rescuing from oblivion, in the need of preserving and cherishing, justifying and explaining.

As a reversed action, a seeming excavation is undertaken when there is nothing to be found. The possibility of decrypting is prevented. The sacred is conquered with the bare body, in an act of sport and leisure. An ancient and a pop icon are blended and relocated in a place of high historical charge. A new object is made of reminiscences of existing things; a future release, lacking sense and function, is now given prospective value.
Under the sand, somebody's forgotten things become fortune. The remains of today's entertainment are made into contemporary ruins.